Our nurse mares are healthy and gentle with a lot of maternal instinct.  They have received the standard vaccinations except for EVA and been regularly wormed. 


The fee for the mare lease is $3000 plus $2.50 per mile delivery.  Client is responsible for returning the mare to us or we will pick up for the same delivery fee.

When the nurse mare is delivered, we will assist you in bonding your foal with our nurse mare.  Hobbles and other necessary equipment will be provided.  You have use of our nurse mare until your foal is weaned or 6 months after delivery after which time you are required to return her. Please note that at all times we retain ownership of the nurse mare.

We are aware of the contoversial nature of the nurse mare industry and like most things, there are two sides to the story.  We pride ourselves on responsibly managing our nurse mares and their foals to produce healthy babies that are always allowed to stay with their mothers until they have clostrum and are well socialized.  They are available for sale when they are solid on milk replacer and eating creep feed.. Contact Vickie Corbett at (580)775-5989 (call or text) or email at vb@ccr-ranch.com for information on foals.

Payment is due and payable upon delivery of the mare.

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