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Nurse Mares

We consider our nurse mare business as revolutionary.


Our Mares and Breeding Program

Rather than breeding anything available to produce a mare with milk, JNP horses has built up a well-thought out breeding program over the last 40 years. We have cultivated a well-bred, desired band of hand-picked broodmares and very popular, top-notch studs. Over 90% of our mares and all studs are AQHA registered or registrable. The babies our horses produce sell quickly and have gone on to become successful barrel racers, all-around champion show horses, reliable trail horses, 4H projects and much-loved companions. JNP Horses’ experience has helped them be very successful in grafting our easy-going nurse mares with their new charges.

Our Foals

We are very experienced and successful in helping our foals get a good start - they are guaranteed to receive their colostrum from their mother, individual attention to help them start drinking quality Progressive Foals First Milk Replacer and Progressive Foals First Starter & Creep Feed. They have access to other horses, both young and old who remind them they are horses. Our foals are consistently handled and loved on to help them learn socializing with people. Our foals are not available for sale until we are sure they are easily drinking their milk replacer, easily eating their creep feed and doing well on their own. Buyers are required to continue providing a certain level of care and quality feed. Our buyers have also mentioned they appreciate our 24/7 assistance for any questions that come up concerning their foals. Stories and updates on the foals are frequently shared in our Facebook group.

Our Clients

While we do occasionally have a client whose mare needs to return to racing or other performance, most of our clients have experienced a mishap with their mare – either rejection of their foal, accident, sickness or death. While we are very experienced in raising foals and able to put in the round-the-clock care, most of our nurse mare clients cannot for one reason or another. Our clients have included horse people involved in cutting, reining, racing, ranching and recreation. We supply nurse mares mostly to Texas. Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas, but we have delivered as far as Oregon and Minnesota. Frequently, our clients face difficulty finding a nurse mare quickly – something we can help them with.

As a Business

It would be nice to be able to offer our services for free, but we do have to make money to pay for our time and all of our expenses – horse feed, fuel, equipment payments, hired help, horse medicine, vet bills and mortgages just to name a few. Like most people in agriculture, we are not going to get rich any time soon, but this is our livelihood and our calling. We are proud that our “new” way of running a nurse mare business has been featured in Western Horsemen magazine (January 2017, page 16) and applauded by Stacy Westfall in her blog.

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